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Questions and answers

Can I use the product for free?

Yes, you can use the product for free as long as the free plan and its features work for you.

Can I change my plan? When do changes apply?

We are going to launch new plans shortly. So you’ll be able to upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time. Upgrade changes apply immediately. The downgrade will work starting from the new billing period. You'll be given credit equal to any time unused.

Are there monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing options?

There will be monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing options for all plans soon. Quarterly billing will include a ~20% discount compared to monthly billing and the yearly billing price will be ~30% cheaper than the monthly billing one.

What happens if I go above my plan limits?

As soon as our new plans are introduced, we'll ask you to upgrade, if you're about to go over your plan's limit. You can decide to either upgrade or stay within your current plan's limits.

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